About the Company

A legacy of four generations, a tradition of 100+ years, blessings of 4 decades, the guidance of young professionals, we are a fourth-generation business group. Started a century ago Mariappa Nadar is a renowned name in the steel industry. The business is currently managed by fourth-generation who are qualified engineers and management degree holders. With a strong technical and managerial knowledge buying construction materials have never been so much of fun.

Strategically located on the developing locality making it easier for clients to access. With a unique concept of ALL UNDER ONE ROOF for construction materials, we are a first of its kind in Madurai.

Quality and quantity are the keywords in our business. Known for the customer-centric approach, we don’t sell products, we create relationships.

Why We Are Important

  • Cement and steel contribute to 30% total construction cost.
  • They cannot replace substandard material that cannot be replaced in later days.
  • We supply quality materials.